Vintage Photography for Sale

Whether a photo classic, or a contemporary photographer using their vintage filter: our collection of vintage photography contains a wealth of photo art to satisfy you interior decorating needs. Shop our curators' selection of vintage photography, and find a stunning work of art for the walls of your home or office!

LUMAS vintage collections

One of the great art forms, and one of the most popular genres of photographic art, the vintage style wows viewers, even as it makes use of subtler color and tone. As part of a decor concept, it demonstrates a refined and classic taste, and an appreciation for historical and cultural icons, but also for the experience of a different time and place, encountered in the special aesthetic form of the vintage.

Vintage photographs can be physical artefacts of an earlier time - or a style of contemporary fine art. Photo artists work with a number of techniques to carefully devise the vintage experience in their works. Vintage fashion models are frequently created by adding a given filter, or outfitting the subject with a vintage dress. Artists work with old cameras, colorize old photos, or recreate light leaks, imparting to photographs a classic element, the sheen and glamour of the vintage photoshoot, or the quality of an heirloom.

In order to realize the artists' vision, vintage style photography makes use of a specific retro aesthetic. This plays out to subtle effect in the case of Soo Burnell, and boldly in the works of Ivo Von Renner. In photographs by Renner and photo artist Stefanie Schneider, the choice of color palette, the texture of the image, and the subject matter mark out the artwork for its distinct vintage quality.

Black and White

Monochrome is the classic look of vintage photo art. Our classics collection contains a bevy of affordably priced works, featuring style icons, movie stills, and more.

Vintage Beach Photography

The beach is a classic location for artistic photography, and one of the great subjects of vintage photography. In their compositions, the aerial photographers Bernhard Lang and Alex Maclean capture warm and grainy beaches which bring the viewer to a whole new world, captured from an unexpected angle.

Vintage fashion photography

The LUMAS portfolio is home to a world-class collection of fashion photography, featuring classic runway shots and send-ups to the styles of yesteryear.


Portrait photography aims to capture a subject at specific times - in unassuming moments when the familiar composure falls away, or when the stylized self is at its most characteristic.

Italian Vintage

From the countryside to the beach, and from the squares of Rome and Venice to scenery out of the everyday, the Italian past is a popular source of imagery for vintage photographers. Photographers like Helmut Hirler and Peter Adams explore the Italian vintage landscape with different sets of eyes.