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Shopping Art by Theme and Subject

In the visual arts, theme and subject matter are the main topic or contents of an artwork. Despite the distinction between these two ways of organizing art, theme and subject matter share an inherent likeness. The subject matter is what the work is actually "about", while the theme defines the "story" behind a work in a particular genre or style, or with a particular motif or look.

A truism of modern art is that any given work will have many possible interpretations. Theme or subject matter are descriptors of an artwork which are inherently open. While abstract art may count among its sub-categories "abstract landscape art", or "black and white figurative art", an art collection organized by the theme "atmospheric" or the subject matter "clouds" can likewise contain works that span styles, movements and genres.

When starting a photography collection, selection criteria such as interesting themes or specific photographic subjects are perfectly valid. Works of art chosen for what is represented in them - or what theme they may have despite being non-representational - are likely to satisfy your artistic taste, and speak more directly to your interest in specific themes. Explore our curators' tips and ideas on how to choose art for your home, and turn your home into an art gallery today.

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