Architecture Art Prints for Sale

Bring the city indoors with our collection of architecture prints. From the New York skyline to steel-beamed construction sites, our curated selection of architecture prints has a wealth of motifs to choose from.


From Parisian alleyways and the Eiffel Tower to the Flatiron building and London's iconic Big Ben, our collection of architectural prints contains a wide array of landmark buildings and bustling urban scenes.

Highlight: Jens Hausmann

Jens Hausmann's works are part Frank Lloyd Wright, part Brutalism. Like brutalist art, his work favors concrete, combined with grassy scenery, jungle atmospheres and misty effects. Like Frank Lloyd Wright, Hausmann's works feature homes with low, flat roofs and wide bodies, raised above the ground on concrete columns.

Scenic Black and White

In its refined portrayal of a building, cityscape, or interior space, a black and white architectural print is somehow more than a realistic or imaginative depiction. It is a portrait. Whether depicting the interiors of stately Italian buildings or the Brooklyn Bridge in black and white, these works, with their sharp focus on form and strict approach to color, get straight to the heart of their subject matter.


Architectural prints lend themselves well to abstract art. The abstract often has the character of a meditation on the formal properties of nature and culture. Architecture at its heart is about geometry: the abstract at its heart is about the hidden structures of the universe that underwrite our shared reality.


Bauhaus began as a modernizing revolution in architecture, and became an almost mainstream architectural practice. Today, Bauhaus is associated mainly with straight lines and well-defined, symmetrical proportions, at times approaching the brutalist style of architecture. Our collection features a spectrum of works featuring and inspired by Bauhaus architecture.

Curated Collection of Architecture Prints

Architecture Art Prints for your Walls

Architectural prints are a wonderful complement to your home or office. Add a modern accent to your wall with a vibrant cityscape or abstract architectural print, or find a timeless gift among our collection of classic urban scenes.

A framed print is an excellent way to give an element of permanence to your home decor. This effect is especially pronounced for contemporary artworks, which benefit from a classic look.

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