Fashion Art Prints for Sale

Explore our curated collection of vintage and modern fashion art prints. Shop prints featuring portraits, magazine-style photoshoots and our rare collection of vintage Vogue covers.

Fashion prints to turn you on your heel

Our entire portfolio is curated with home decor needs in mind. Be your own fashion designer, and find a new fashion print to turn your wall into an art gallery. Shop for a fashion print for your living room wall, or a runway shot for your bathroom or the wall by your bedroom closet. Your wall can feature an artwork that is strictly limited in number. Lumas prints are available as limited editions, typically produced in print runs of 75-150. Your print arrives numbered and signed by the artist.

Our collection of fashion prints includes artworks reminiscent of classic fashion posters - like our Vogue collection - as well as modern portraits of Frida Kahlo by Efren Isaza, created in the style of fashion shots, and dramatic black and white scenes by Bert van Leeuwen. His black and white Chanel Paris is the most popular of his works in the Lumas collection.

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The German Vogue Collection

Our portfolio includes rare limited-edition prints of Vogue covers from its initial years in Germany: 1928 and 1929. The aesthetics of these early editions transports you to the atmosphere of Berlin, world capital of fashion, art, and culture during the Roaring 20's. They're as elegant and trend-setting now as they ever were.

Curated Collection of Fashion Prints

Explore our curators' selection of fashion art prints, and find a trendy complement for your home walls