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New Yorker

2018 / 2021 SRA63
23.6 x 29.5
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47.2 x 59.1
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63.0 x 78.7

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Mounted under acrylic glass
depth 0.08" glossy, frameless, 47.2 x 59.1" (External dimensions) with acrylic glass glossy, Black, 47.7 x 59.5" (External dimensions) On premium paper (glossy) not mounted or framed. Shipped rolled.
depth 0.08" glossy, frameless, 47.2 x 59.1" (External dimensions)
Select finishing/framing:
Floater frame Basel
profile width: 1.18", with acrylic glass glossy, Spessart Oak, Black, 66.0 x 81.7" (External dimensions) depth 0.08" glossy, frameless, 63.0 x 78.7" (External dimensions)
profile width: 1.18", with acrylic glass glossy, Spessart Oak, Black, 66.0 x 81.7" (External dimensions)
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Magic City Collection

A born Berliner, artist Sandra Rauch celebrates her hometown’s iconic symbols in the series Magic City Collection. She depicts the famous TV Tower, Brandenburg Gate, and Victory Column in her own unmistakable way.

Rauch combines graffiti art with glittering surfaces and vivid text. The monuments of the German capital are luminous with symbolism. We feel the freedom, spirit of progress, and endless diversity of Berlin. Rauch finishes the works with silkscreen printing on the acrylic, making each one a hand-signed original.


In her Metropolitan series, Sandra Rauch, an artist of many talents, creates unique portraits of famous cities such as Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles. Past and present combine to form a colourful excerpt of urban daily life.

Using the most diverse techniques, from photography to painting, the artist creates emotional collages that express different experiences simultaneously. And all the while, Sandra Rauch likes to experiment. Her work is special, playing with reality and illusion, with surfaces and lines, with colours and symbols. Rauch’s work expands our view and completely dispels known perspectives.

Big City Staccato

Hong Kong is a global city that often triggers immense awe in Europeans. The puzzling writing, the city’s incredible tempo, even the culture to which one is not accustomed – in Sandra Rauch’s work, all of these suddenly appear familiar and thoroughly understandable. The German artist creates experiences that open-heartedly take viewers in, inviting them on an emotional journey of discovery.

Through her virtuosic use of perspective and space, Sandra Rauch gives the viewer a new way of looking at the Asian metropolis. She fashions the city as a fascinating dialogue of information and typography, advertising banners and symbols. The colours seem so positive and joyful, that one wants to go deeper and deeper into the Big City Staccato.


Berlin’s graffiti is almost as famous as the city’s “official” monuments. Sandra Rauch dedicates poppy homages to her favourite graffiti pieces between Alexanderplatz and the Victory Column. The pictures place street art images into new contexts. Colourful and expressive, this creative quest leads us down an unknown path into a new fantasy world.

A born Berliner, Sandra Rauch knows almost every inch of her hometown. Graffiti adds colour, in the truest sense of the word, to the cityscape. With her unique collages, Sandra Rauch shows that street art is a great reason to keep your eyes open as you go through life.

Sandra Rauch - NFT in a Box

A fire rages beneath the feet of the famous vigilante in a bat costume. Something is happening in the land of endless possibilities. A flying saucer approaches the eternal city of the superlative, which generally does not bode well. Our hero begins to sway back and forth like a go-getting impresario, then suddenly gets ready to toss a baseball and showers the viewer in a hard gold rain of flying coins. The Bitman anecdotes, told in the best comic-book style, feel like a punk episode from the DC Universe, a collaborative effort between Ed Wood, Kurt Schwitters and Sandra Rauch. Taken together, they produce a wonderfully cheeky NFT consisting of cult-like minimalism, art-critical MERZ and a delightfully jazzed-up urban New York landscape painted in bright colours in which nothing seems to fit with everything, which is exactly why it feels so unique.

Stephan Reisner


Born in Berlin in 1967, Sandra Rauch is a true city kid. Thus, it comes as no surprise that it is the great metropolises that inspire her to create spectacular art. After attending the Kunsthochschule in Berlin, she transferred to the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts in 1995 to study painting and graphic design. Today, the artist is still very enthusiastic about a diverse range of techniques, making use of them in her unique art.

I try to capture the NOW, that which constitutes the city at this point in time.
Sandra Rauch


Versatility is the basis for Sandra Rauch’s work; a luxury of a foundation that offers the creative Berliner infinite creative possibilities. First, Sandra Rauch photographs locations and objects and researches them to discover their histories. Next, she edits her photos with different techniques including painting, screen-printing, photography, and typography. In this way, she constantly reveals new perspectives to the viewer, even when the subject itself is already very well-known.

Luminous colours, pictorial symbols, neon signs and typographical advertisements create a new space between reality and virtuality, in which our imaginations can run wild. Sandra Rauch compacts urban landscapes into media experiences.

1967Born in Berlin, Germany
1991 - 1995
Studies of Communication Design, KHB, Berlin, Germany
1993 - 1998
Study in Italy and France
1995Change at the HFBK Dresden; Field: Art Painting / Graphic
1998Diploma: Art Painting / Graphic at Prof. Kerbach
2000 - 2007Assistant to Professor Kerbach at the HFBK Dresden, Germany
2007Foundation of the Kunstsalon Europa, Produzentengalerie
2010 - 20116 month stay in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, USA

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany