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Great art comes in many shapes and sizes. Shop the diverse offerings in the LUMAS portfolio to find the right artwork for your interior space.

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LUMAS is the world's largest chain of photo art galleries. We are also home to a large collection of art objects, as well as an exclusive portfolio of original art prints, featuring paintings, drawings, photography, and digitally-processed images. Explore our curated collections below.

A work of art to bring your walls to life

In everything we do, we make it our mission to help you find the right art for your home. Wondering how to choose the right artworks for your home or office? Here are a few useful questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you looking for artworks by famous, established artists - or by younger, emerging artists?
  • Are you considering the potential increase in value of works by particular artists?
  • Are you looking for art for a particular room?
  • Are you looking for art to alter the mood or atmosphere of a space?
  • Are you searching for art with a particular theme, color, size, or effect on the viewer?

Whether you're investing the art market or strictly interested in improving your home decor, remember: your personal taste comes first. A work of art should reflect your personality and strike a unique tone.

Buying art through LUMAS is an experience in itself. Our portfolio contains countless works of art by both famous and emerging artists.

LUMAS is the home of contemporary photo art. Our photographic prints are produced as museum-quality limited-editions.

Unlike other sites, which produce cheap canvas prints or function as platforms for open exchange, where imitators bid down popular styles and motifs, our curators hand-pick each work in our portfolio according to strict criteria, and our production team guarantees the finest prints on the highest-quality photographic paper. This way, we guarantee the quality of both materials as well as the art itself - something which other non-gallery-based retailers often ignore.

Buy Museum-Quality Art Online

The mainstay of our collection is high-quality and limited edition-photographic prints, originally produced as paintings, photographs, drawings or digital art. Our fine art prints include lithography and silk-screens, but also mixed-media and collage art techniques, such as those by Christo. Our Masters Editions include artworks made through a variety of artistic mediums by internationally sought-after artists.

Our collection of art objects, or "objets d'art" includes valuable sculptures and art objects for a wall, desk, or bannister, including an exclusive collection of art figurines. A wide range of artworks, as well as gifting ideas, are contained in our collections of art gifts. From iphone cases featuring open edition art to small sculptures and gift certificates, our curators have assembled a collection of gift ideas which the power to speak directly to a special person in your life.

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